How to install and setup Yoast Seo for WordPress

Yoast Seo Nulled plug-in is the best SEO plug-in for WordPress websites that Kiwi has used, and it is also one of the necessary plug-ins for Kiwi’s SEO promotion. When Kiwi builds a website for customers, it will also help customers install this plug-in, but few people can make good use of it, which also leads to some problems in the internal optimization of the website. Kiwi hopes that through this tutorial, customers can pay attention to it.

1. Why you should set up Yoast Seo

First of all, let’s analyze what problems will happen to some websites that do not have Yoast Seo configuration. We use Google’s site command (site: domain name, such as site: to check Google’s inclusion.

We can see that in the pages included by Google, the title and description of the introduction page are automatically crawled by Google from the web page. In this way, there are no rules at all, and some are even just some parameters, such as the product page of a product, all of which are some product parameters.

Google’s ranking is based on the title, description, and keyword matching to locate your website. This randomly crawled text makes it impossible for Google and customers to understand why your webpage is used, so how can you rank? What? Let’s take a look at the search keywords of power bank manufactuer and what are the titles and descriptions of the top websites.

s you can see, the top ranking sites are full introductions, allowing customers to know what you are doing. And the higher the ranking, the keyword power bank manufactuer can be seen in the title.

From the above analysis, we can see that whether we have done the Yoast Seo settings is very important to your ranking, and it is not sloppy at all.

2. Yoast Seo plug-in installation and settings

Yoast Seo is a free SEO search optimization plug-in, and is currently the most used SEO plug-in for WordPress websites. It has a powerful and complete functional system, and will make timely adjustments as Google’s algorithm updates. 

Everyone knows that search engine ranking optimization is divided into two aspects: on-site optimization and off-site optimization. In-site optimization is the foundation and off-site optimization is auxiliary. It can be said that as long as you can make good use of this plugin, your site optimization is half done. 

Many people’s websites have rankings and inquiries without much promotion, just because they have done a good job in site optimization, but they have not done well in site optimization, and no amount of off-site optimization will be futile.

Up to now, more than 1 million websites are using Yoast Seo plug-in, which can be said to be a very powerful plug-in. Next, Kiwi will talk about the usage of Yoast Seo plug-in in detail.

1. Install & activate the plugin

Log in to the backend of your website and select the Add New option under the Plugins option on the left to enter the wordpress plugin market. Enter Yoast Seo in the search box, and the first plug-in that comes out is the one we are looking for. Click Install Now to install, and then click Activate to activate the plug-in. This plug-in is successfully installed on our website.

2. Authorize Google Site Tools

After the installation is successful, we can see an SEO menu in the left side menu bar of the backend, hover the mouse on it, and there will be 6 function options. The third Search Console is the authorized Google webmaster tool we are looking for. .

We directly click on Search Console to enter the authorization management interface.

We can see a Get Google Authorization Code button, click on it to jump to Google Webmaster Tools. At this time, enter your Gmail mailbox where Google Analytics was installed before, log in, and the authorization code will appear.

We need to copy the authorization code to the place where the authorization code was placed on the website just now, and then click verify, and the authorization is successful.

After your authorization is successful, if there are any problems with your website, it will appear here. The computer and mobile terminals are displayed separately. For example, this website has some 404 pages, which need to be removed in time.

3. Basic settings of Yoast Seo

Select General in the SEO options on the left to enter the basic settings interface. We can see three functions, Dashboard, Features, Webmaster Tool. The first function is the basic interface. If there is a problem with SEO settings on your website, you will be prompted here, and then you can solve it according to the prompt. 

The second feature is the switch of Yoast Seo function. Generally, it is not recommended to modify, just keep it as it is. Of course, if you don’t want any features, you can choose off. The third function is Webmaster Tool. This is the place to put the webmaster tool code. There are multiple webmaster tools for you to use, such as Baidu, bing, google, Yandex. If you want to use one of them, just Just verify directly.

4. Search Appearance

This refers to the way your website is displayed on the Google search engine, what you do not want Google to include, and how you want Google to include your web pages, can be changed here. This is the most important part of the basic settings.

Click the Search Appearance option under the SEO menu bar to enter the setting interface. The latest version of Yoast Seo plug-in has made some adjustments to this area, which is divided into 7 functions. General, Content Types, Media, Taxonomies, Archives, Breadcrumbs, RSS. These are very important, so Kiwi wants to explain in detail one by one.

  • General

General is mainly to set the title and some information of the company. Title spacer is the number between your website title and page title. Some people like to use -, and some people like to use the vertical sign. See what you like

Just upload the company’s name and logo to the company’s information. In fact, this is not very useful. Kiwi generally doesn’t post it. You like this.

  • Content Types

Content Types lists the content types that all websites are willing to include for Google. You can set the site-building elements for your website. Allow the inclusion of those you want to include, and reject those you don’t want to be included. Generally, Kiwi built websites, except that posts and pages are allowed to be included, all others can be rejected, because the other elements of Kiwi are useless and are empty. For empty content, just refuse to be included.

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